Milk Fed Pumpkin

Saturday, September 02, 2006

First Data

September 2, 2006

Milk-Fed Pumpkin "A": 22" L/ 47" D
Milk-Fed Pumpkin "L": 13" L/ 27" D
Non-Milk-Fed-Pumpkin: 18" L/ 38" D

In one week, "A" has grown 3" in Length and 11" in Diameter.
"L" has grown 4" in Length and 10" in Diameter.
Non has grown 7" in Length and 16" in Diameter.

It is starting to look like milk-fed pumpkins are more "myth" than "fact" indeed.

Big Sister is in despair at the thought that another pumpkin is growing faster than hers, but clinging to the "fact" that hers is still biggest.

We will seek explanations for this phenomenon if it continues another week.


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